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Feel free to share my works in Facebook with your friend or to contact me via Facebook - i would love to receive your feedback.

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If you are interested in my products, or just have an idea to discuss - don't hesitate to contact me. I am always open for new collaborations and challenges.

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If you need custom Interior design or specific product to be designed, please fill up the request form and i will come back to you to discuss it.

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Like what you see? You can get the 3d models here!

Interior designer or Architect? If you like my products and want to use them in your projects - register now and download the models for free!

Design is Simple. Creative. Fun.

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Velichko is working in the furniture design field for 6 years now and has his own studio and workshop in London, UK. He is actively working and exposing his products in the largest European exhibitions – in London, Paris, Milan, Cologne, etc. Velichko is now focused upon bringing his furniture range to the market. More...


Bromley, London, UK

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