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Lastika chair

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LASTIKA is a simple chair with metal tubular frame and 40 elastic belts. It was presented at Milan Design Week and Salone Mobile Milan 2011. Lastika resembles a flower, in fact a daisy. When you sit in it, you are supported by forty elastics that make up the seat and create a rocking sensation, although the structure of the seat is in fact very stable. It is a fun and comfortable seat, very lightweight and … stackable!

L 90cm - H 72cm - P 58cm

Seat with monocolour, tricolour and multi-colour elastic bands fixed whit an elastic cord closed with a hook.

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Additional Info

  • Client: Lago
  • Material: Steel tubular frame with elastic belts
  • Year: 2010
  • In production: YES
  • Available for producers: NO
  • Product name: Lastika chair